• equipped with 8 digital DC inputs, 4 digital outputs, 8 analog inputs and 4 analog outputs - providing users with superior I/O for Discrete and Process applications
  • contains RS-232, CAN and 10/100 Ethernet - that provides you with serial connectivity, I/O Expansion, Ethernet communications and advanced functions such as e-mail and web serving
  • Data logging, application updates and advanced recipe handling are made easy via the built-in removable MicroSD memory card

Compact and economic PLC

Astraada PLC RCC is a new economic, compact PLC designed for small control systems, machines and BMS systems where a screenless controller is the best fit. This compact housing device integrates a PLC, built-in I/O signals and communication interfaces for data exchange.

The compact size (116 x 111 x 50 mm), easy mounting on the DIN-rail and removable terminal reduce the amount of space required for the installation and speed up the service. RCC can operate in temperatures from -10°C to + 60°C, so it can be mounted and used in control cabinets which are installed directly on the object.

Built-in input and output signals

The Astraada PLC RCC comes standard with 8 digital DC inputs (12/24VDC), 4 digital outputs (24VDC), 8 analog inputs (0-20mA) and 4 analog outputs(0-20mA), providing users with superior I/O options for a wide range of Process and Discrete Manufacturing applications.

Local storage of process data

RCC allows logging and storage on the MicroSD card installed in PLC process data and diagnostics of the controller such as alarms and events. All data are stored as CSV files and can be read in any spreadsheet. The built-in FTP-Server allows you to access all data stored in PLC remotely to get full information about controller and application status.

PLC for autonomous and distributed control systems

A powerful CPU (454 MHz) and 128 KB of RAM memory allows one to create control applications using complex control functions. Built-in communication interfaces could be used for connecting several RCC units together using Ethernet (EGD) or CsCAN and create a distributed control system, e.g. in the BMS application.

Easy development and service

Compliance with IEC 61131 programming language pack (support LD, IL, ST, FBD, and SFC) gives the ability to create control programs for applications deployed in a variety of industries. Astraada PLC RCC can be programmed when running, so it means that uploading and downloading programs to the controller does not require it to be stopped. Downloading programs into PLC can be realized without using a computer - the integrated MicroSD allows you to update the firmware and program in the controller from a memory card.

Built-in communication interfaces

  • 10/100 Ethernet (Modbus TCP Client / Server, EGD, SRTP, Web Server, FTP Server, e-mail address) to communicate with other devices and systems and extending PLC of additional I/O signals
  • CsCAN to expand PLC with additional expansion modules (SmartStix and SmartBlock) and for connecting RCC in the peer-to-peer network
  • RS232 for programming and data exchange with other devices (Modbus RTU Master / Slave and ASCII)
  • MicroSD for local storage of process data and control programs



Technical parameters

Model HERCC972
Processor Freescale 454 MHz
Program memory 128 kB RAM, on-line programming
Cycle time 0.013 ms/kB
Support programming language LD, IL, ST, FBD, SFC
Max. support DI/DO 2048 / 2048
Max. support AI/AO 512 / 512
Register variables 4096
Bit variables 4096
Communication port
Serial port 1x RS232 (Modbus RTU Master/Slave, ASCII)
Ethernet port 1x 10/100 Mbps (Modbus TCP Client/Server, EGD, SRTP, Web Server, FTP Server, e-mail)
Can port 1x CAN (CsCAN support)
MicroSd port YES; 32 GB
 Built-in signals 
Built-in DI 8x (12/24 VDC)
Built-in DO 4x (24 VDC)
Built-in AI 8x (0-20 mA)
Built-in AO 4x (0-20 mA)
Resolution 12 bit
Additional I/O
SmartMod (Modbus RTU) YES, (RS232/485 converter needed)
SmartStix/SmartBlock (CsCAN) YES/YES
SmartRail (Ethernet) YES
Other parameters
Mounting DIN rail
Dimension [mm] 116 x 111 x 55
Operating temperature [°C] -10~+60
Power input 10-32 VDC
Build in LED RUN, OK, PWR
Certification CE

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